Top 5 Skills In Nigeria That Gets You Hired in 2018

By June 5, 2018Uncategorized


This is among the top 5 skills in Nigeria, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise to many, but the surprise here is that not every IT skill is actually a hot skill in Nigeria. There are some IT skills that are considered drab skills; it means are not always needed and no much vacancy advert from them. So the hot skills under the IT sector include;

  • Graphics Design: Your ability to create exciting designs will easily help you locate jobs in so many firms. Most firms are no longer willing to outsource this service out, making them employ graphics designers in numbers. Having this skill can either allow you work from home, work as a tutor in an IT school or work for an organization that needs your services.
  • Programming: Your ability to write codes using various programming languages like Python, C#, Java and a host of them to create wonderful exciting pieces of stuff like websites and computer software. This is one of the leading IT skills in 2018 because of its complexity, thereby creating a huge gap in the supply level of programmers. Once you acquire this skill, you can either work as a tutor or get picked up by a top-level firm.
  • Digital Marketing: The competition among firms has forced them to take most of their marketing campaigns online. Due to this new development, they are being forced to hire digital Marketers who will lead them through this campaign. Having this skill as a Jobseeker guarantees you a job no doubt. Even without guarantee, your chances of getting something doing are on the high side.

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